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Being a user on RicByte.com you must respect the rules & TOS RicByte (c) has.

Buyers can only use PayPal (c) at the moment. Both buyers & sellers must follow the terms.

If your account gets banned, signing up for a new account will be banned too.

Buyers: Non valid disputes, or anything similar will lead to a ban from RicByte.

Sellers: Not sending products or anything similar will lead to a ban from RicByte.

Becoming a seller on RicByte

If you are looking to apply for becoming a seller on RicByte, please go here

Selling: Once an item is sold it goes directly to your RicByte Balance, this balance can be withdrawn to your paypal after everything is cleared.

Fees: Default users have a 5% fee for all items sold + a $0.30 cent base fee once sold. Seller also covers PayPal fee.

Premium users have only a 2% fee and no base fee for every item sold. It is currently $9.99/mo to upgrade.

Digital Items set at $1 have no base fee.



Warranty for buyers are covered on all items sold on RicByte.com, even if the seller is third party

All buyers are allowed to open a resolution dispute both on PayPal and RicByte if they do not receive the product they purchased.


Warranty for sellers are covered if a buyer opens a not valid dispute, or if the seller proves they did send the correct item.

Info for sellers: Send the product via email and show the "Sent Mail" logs.

Buyers: RicByte can not issue refunds or retreive your funds after 14 days, only PayPal can. We will assist you in the process if you do not receive your product.
ricbyte (c) 2019
please contact me for any questions or any inquiries